Stick to what you know & keep your advice to yourself

Warning…things not to say! Great blog piece.

Hope in Pain

IMG_6998 Straight from my fridge to the ears of all self-proclaimed experts

Take one huge ego, mix with an immense lack of medical knowledge and, voila, you are now an expert on any and every chronic condition around.

Unfortunately, chronic lifers are used to receiving unsolicited advice from those who know nothing about their condition yet claim to have a magical cure that no one else, not even the medical profession, has heard of.  Most of us ignore such ridiculous advice and move on.  In this case, no damage has been done.  Other than to our friends who have to listen as we vent our frustrations about being accosted by yet another self-proclaimed expert.

The opportunity for damage does arise however, when these medicine men preach their drivel to the vulnerable.  So many of us have been in that position before.  Having visited countless health professionals, undergone a myriad of tests…

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